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151 ABBR School Certificate Source (S392)
152 ABBR Scottish Census record 729555 Source (S345)
153 ABBR Sussex Family History Group Source (S358)
155 ABBR The Law List of 1831 Source (S472)
156 ABBR The Times, London Source (S494)
157 ABBR Will of John Ellis of Salehurst, Sussex Source (S473)
158 ABBR Source (S310)
159 ABBR Source (S150)
160 ABBR Source (S359)
161 ABBR Source (S91)
162 ABBR Source (S435)
163 Accidently wiped out date of landing at New Orleans. BALDIT, Theodore (I9884)
164 Accidently wiped out date of landing at New Orleans. BALDIT, Theodore (I9886)
165 According to 1850 Federal Census Richmond Dis. 32, Walworth County, Wisconsin, Jessie Richards was 33 years, owned real estate valued at $600. He was living with wife Abby 17 years, Rachel 1 year. The family was living next to Abby's Grandparents, Joseph and Hannah Humphrey. According to Abby's obituary printed in Palo Alto Reporter, Emmetsburg, Iowa, Jan 18, 1906, she had lived on a farm near her Grandfather so she could care for him during the last few years of his life. Found on 1860 US Federal Census in Monroe, Adams County, Wisconsin, with post office at Strongs Prairie. Head of House. p. 81. Bottom line. Family was at post office Roch a Cree, Monroe, Adams County, Wisconsin, on p. 82 at top of page. Have copy of Application for Homestead Record #10, 299, dated October 1, 1858. in Walworth County, Wisconsin. 1870 US Federal Census, Great Oaks TWP., Palo Alto County, Iowa, Jesse was farming with three others, Sylvester Harrington, George Dickerman, and George Marshall. Enumerated on June 10, 1870. Also, listed on the 1870 US Federal Census in Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin. 1880 US Federal Census, Village of Ruthven, Highland TWP., Palo Alto County, Iowa shows Jesse living with hsi wife, Abby J., Charles J., Elmira, and Jesse W. This census shows Jesse's parents to have been both born in Maryland. Jesse was born in Virginia. Have copy of Record of Heirs and Estate Decedents were: Abby J. Richards, Rachel A. Phoenix, Alberta A. Smith, Franklin V. Richards, Gertrude A. Dickerman, Charles J. Richards, Almira L. Richards, Jesse E. W. Richards. Buried at Silver Lkae Cemetery, Ayshire, Palo Alto County, Iowa (All of the above was submitted by Mrs. Ray H. Bowler; 510 Railroad St.; Carlisle, IA 50047-7673) RICHARDS, Jesse Chineth (I7713)
166 According to Dock's daughter Minnie Corbin Mueller, Margaret died of small pox. LANG, Margaret Melissa (I5485)
167 According to English and Welch surnames by Bardsley, the name of Catlin-Gatlin-Gatling have the same origin. The crest as given by Fairbairn is a Lions head erased and colored and lined-Plate 7-Crest 10. This John Gatlin is the first of the Gatlin name to appear in virginia in the land grant office. He evidently settled about 1636 in Nansemond County and Isle of Wight County, Virginia. (From The Gatlin Family of America by Eva Loe McDuffie (Mrs. C. N.)
Marriage to Anne Reed
Sussex Family History Group; The Sussex Marriage Index--John's last name is spelled Gateland.

FORM doc
TITL The Gatlin Family of America
GATLAND, John Gerard (I15940)
168 Ackworth Schooj MARTIN, Ann (I22481)
169 Ackworth School MARTIN, Lewis (I30552)
170 Ackworth School MARTIN, Herbert (I32858)
171 Ackworth School Librarian at Friends Institute MARTIN, Maria (I22475)
172 Ackworth School Master at Paradise School, Stoke Newington MARTIN, Septimus (I22478)
173 Adopted by John in 1849 SAYERS, Peter Powell (I35196)
174 Alexander Gatland Baptism Record GATLAND, Alexander (I9741)
175 Alonzo Gatlini
GATLIN, Alonzo (I11067)
176 Alternate birth date 1716 Craven County, NC GATLIN, John Moses (I1496)
177 American Surnames, by Elsdon C. Smith, 1969, PA, Chilton Book Company Meeks=the humble and submissive in England MEEKS, John Henderson General (I212)
178 An abstracted will in Washington County indicaed that a George Fetherling, Sr., died there. The abstract, stated the executors of the will wee George Fetherling and Susannah Fetherling. It further mentions the benefactors being George Fetherling Sr.'s wife Susannah, his sons George, John,Michael,and Frederick, nd a daughter Mary. It is very likely that this George, whos will was dated 1808, was the grandfather of Jacob Fetherling. --ProGenealogists Research Fitterlingwill fitterlingwill2 FITTERLING, George (I7839)
179 Ancestral File record num: 1004-H91 TURNER, Richard (I28892)
180 Ancestral File record num: 1004-HB7 TURNER, Richard (I28895)
181 Ancestral File record num: 1004-HG2 GRATWICKE, Thomas (I16389)
182 Ancestral File record num: 1004-HH8 DAWTREY, Amy (I25351)
183 Ancestral File record num: 1004-HJG [Marchant0205.FTW] [deolete.FTW] of Ham in Angmering Tombstone in the chancel "Under the old stone south of ______ lieth also the b o d y of Jane wife of Richard Turner of Oldland gent Youngest daughter of Thoma s a n d Amy Gratwick of Ham, Angmering who departed this life September 21st 172 8 a t 3 _" GRATWICK, Jane (I25352)
184 Ancestral File record num: 1004-HN9 TURNER, Amy (I28893)
185 Ancestral File record num: 1004-HPH [Marchant0205.FTW] [deolete.FTW] Apprenticed as Apothecary to Charles Chatfield. Seven years in Cuckfield. (BD) TURNER, Thomas (I28891)
186 Ancestral File record num: 1004-HXX [Marchant0205.FTW] [deolete.FTW] Tombstone in the chance l" Here lies the body of Richard Turner of Oldland G e n t Eldest son of Richard and Sarah his wife who departed this life 14th May 1 7 4 8 aged 59" On the same stone a dedication to his wife Jane TURNER, Richard (I23251)
187 Ancestral File record num: 1004-J5C CHATFIELD, Sarah (I17385)
188 Ancestral File record num: 1004-KGD [Marchant0205.FTW] [deolete.FTW] Uncle to THOMAS MARCHANT, the diarist, who attended the funeral where Mr Ive r s p reached the sermon. Richard owned and lived at Oldland in Keymer and was an army lieutenant. Nickn a m ed "Box". Does that have anything to do with BOX family? Brian Dungate gives address as Langton Lane, Hurstpierpoint Oldlands was bought by John Turner in the "34th year of Henry VIII" from the M i c helbournes. Tombstone in the chancel" Here is interred the body of Richard Turner gent l a t e of Oldland in Keymer who departed this life October 2nd annodomini 1720 ae ta ti s fuae 68" TURNER, Richard (I23249)
189 Ancestral File record num: AFN: 1Q5Z-W0P DATE: AFT 1900 NORTON, Agnes Isabella (I28944)
190 Ancestral File record num: AFN: 1Q5Z-W0P [importnow.FTW] (AFN:1Q5Z-W0P LDS (AFN:1Q5Z-W0P) GREEN, George Henry (I28945)
191 Ancestral File record num: AFN:1Q5Z-W24 DATE: AFT 1882 GREEN, Henry Mackenzie (I28947)
192 Ancestral File record num: AFN:1Q5Z-W3B DATE: AFT 1885 GREEN, George A (I28949)
193 Ancestral File record num: AFN:1Q5Z-W4J - Hilda A GREEN ? DATE: AFT 1885 GREEN, Hilda M (I28946)
194 Ancestral File record num: AFN:1Q5Z-W5Q DATE: AFT 1888 GREEN, Ruth (I28950)
195 Ancestral File record num: CS27-WT HOLDEN, Elizabeth (I20311)
196 Ancestral File record num: GJBK-ND HOLDEN, Robert (I20309)
197 Ancestral File record num: GJBK-PK BENNETT, Anne (I20304)
198 Ancestral File record num: GJBK-QQ HOLDEN, Robert (I20305)
199 Ancestral File record num: GJBK-RW HOLDEN, Edward (I20308)
200 Ancestral File record num: GJBK-S3 HOLDEN, Thomas (I20306)

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