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201 Ancestral File record num: GJBK-T8 HOLDEN, Edward (I20307)
202 Ancestral File record num: GJBK-VF HOLDEN, John (I20310)
203 Ancestral File record num: GJBL-C0 HOLDEN, James (I30229)
204 Ancestral File record num: GJBL-L6 BENNETT, Matthew (Frauncis) (I20302)
205 Ancestral File record num: GJBL-MC COLLINGBORNE, Anne (I20303)
206 Ancestral File record num: LTSL-40 Census date: 2 APR 1871 Census place: 21 Glasham(?) Road, Brighton; Census: 1871 Census Census date: 3 APR 1881 Census place: 21 Gloster Pl, Brighton; Census: 1881 Census [SERENA~2.FTW] Household consisting of: Elizabeth Weekes, 60, Hurst, Sussex, Wife Frederick Weekes, 66, Hurst, Sussex, Head Ann S Allen, 37, Canterbury, Visitor Jane James, 25, Arundel, Sussex,Servant Mary E Tupp, 19, Stratford, Essex, Servant Household consisting of: Elizth. Weekes, abt 1814, Hurst, Sussex, Wife Fredk. Weekes,abt 1815, Hurst, Sussex, Head, Retired Farmer Ann S. Allen, abt 1836,Stratford, Essex, Boarder, Eliza Beckett, abt 1860,Brighton, Sussex, Servant (Cook) Phebe Peacock, abt 1861, Cowfold, Sussex, Servant (Housemaid) (Medical):Details from Death Certificate: Fifteenth March 1891, 21 Gloucester Place Elizabeth Weekes, Femal, 82 years, Wife of Frederick Weeke s (of independent means) Cause of death: Old age cedrtified by Nath P Blaker MRCS Informant: SE Budgett (daughter present at the death) Gatcombe Court, Flax Bourton, Somersetshire Registered on: 18th March 1891 Registrar: S Thorncroft, Registrar MARSHALL, Elizabeth (I26341)
207 Source (S607)
208 Source (S618)
209 Andrew Lucas Gatlin 1811-1895 Andrew Lucas Gatlin GATLIN, Andrew Lucas (I1959)
210 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. FARRAR, Mary Anita (I10484)
211 Ann Gatland Baptismal Record
Sussex Genealogies, compiled by the late John Comber, Ardingly Centre, cambridge, W. Heffer & Sons Ltd., 1932, page 219
Mentioned in father's will.
GATLAND, Ann (I9811)
212 Ann Gatland Burial Record Anne Gatland Baptismal Record GATLAND, Ann (I9822)
213 Anne Gatland Baptism Record Anne Gatland Burial Record GATLAND, Anne (I9732)
214 Anne Gatland Baptism Record

Sussex Genealogies, compiled by the late John Comber, Ardingly Centre, Cambridge, w. Heffer & sons Ltd. 1932.
Mentioned in father's will 1709.
GATLAND, Anne (I9766)
215 Anne is Roger Comber's 2nd wife Family F6264
216 Anthony Gatland - West Sussex Inventories - 1874/75 Baptismal Record - Anthony Gatland West Sussex Inventories 1267, 1521-1834 Anthony Gatland Baptism
Sussex Genealogies, compiled by the late John comber, Ardingly Centre, Cambridge, W. Heffer & Sons Ltd. 1932, Page 214.
Mentioned in dead father's (Henry Gatland) will 1675.

SEX: SOUR @S-1370126911@
PAGE West Sussex Inventories 1276, 1521-1834
TEXT Anthony Gatalnd, 1674/75, West Grinstead Sussex. Entry from Sources of data Number 148 Details Source 1? West Sussex Inventories 1267, 1521-1834 This index of Inventories in West Sussex Record Offic
CONC e contains over 11,000 names' taken from a list compiled by Timothy J McCann of the West Sussex Record Office and put on fiche, February 1981 .. The index was transcribed from fiche to computer by Dav
CONC e Woolven. The column showing the values of the inventories has been omitted. Some entries appeared more than once, with the same WSRO reference. Where I have noticed this I have removed the extra ent
CONC ries. (JE)
SEX: SOUR @S-1370126909@
PAGE Cuckfield Holy Trinity Baptismal Record #253793
TEXT Anthony Gatland, son of Henry and Anne Gatland, baptized 26 Jun 1636, Cuckfield Holy Trinity Church.
GATLAND, Anthony (I9689)
217 Architect of the Bank of England SOANE (I35427)
218 Around 1901 (after divorcing his first wife) he went to New Zealand (following his brother) Returned to the UK in 1908 with his new wife Florence Paris In NZ he ran a dairy and a butcher's shop CHILCOTT, Robert (I23347)
219 Article 34653701 - Obituatry Source (S732)
220 At age 6 he lived with Robert J. and Mariah A. Ginnings (Grandparents) in Magazine Township, Yell County, AR. At age 16 he lived with John A. and Bettie Shaffer. Worked as a hired man and farm laborer. Entered Army at Dallas County Texas 27 MAY 1918. Honorably discharged 01 APR 1919. Served in 133rd and 145th Infantry. Overseas Service from 13 OCT 1918 to 01 APR 1919. CORBIN, Harry Clifton (I12997)
221 At birth father is described as "Gent" Had a long red beard and was nicknamed Doney. Farmer at time of his wedding Joined Brighton Police Force 20.10.1870 where his file showed: "19.11.1873 Promoted to 2nd Class 12.04.1876 Promoted to 1st Class 28.07.1878 This constable neglected his duty in the morning of 28th July in not stopping two servant girls who left the house of Mr Haylee(?) Dunstal(? ) Place between 4 & 5 where they were servants and had robbed their Mistress of property to the amount of ?8. The borough was put to the expense of ?1- 9-3 for .... .... 12.04.1897 Superannuated with an allowance of ?55-9-4d per annum (2/3rds pay). 02.03.1915 Died" Cause of death: Arterial Sclerosis, Brain Atrophy. No P.M. Adresses 1862: Bridge Farm, Burgess Hill/Ansty Road 1874: 42 Newhaven Street, Brighton 1915: 11 Franklin Street, Brighton MT3. MARCHANT, ADONIS (I32095)
222 At christening: Her godparents were Kate Hardy, Janie and Carey and Stewart Hardy, only Jane present. BORRER, Blanche "Blanchie" Stewart (I20979)
223 Atkins Memorial Cemetery CARRICO, JOHNSON (I8144)
224 Attended Hutchinson Mann School and Mr. Olgivie's training school. At age of 8 she laid the third brick in the methodist church building. HOWELL, Lucy Drayton (I9907)
225 Aunt Jerri says that Josh was born October 31, (no year indicated) and died February 26 (?) the following year of pneumonia. GATLIN, Josh (I584)
226 Aunt Mollie and AW 001 CARICO, Mary Molly (I4108)
227 Author of "Proposals for publishing by subscription a new edition of his book called, Quakerism no Delusion, with considerable additions." (N.D.) Sussex Weekly Advertiser, March 12th, 1787. "Thomas Marten, of Lewes, in the County of Sussex. Mercer, Draper and Salesman, etc., Returns his most respectful thanks to his Friends of all Ranks and Denominations that have been pleased to favour him with their commands and takes the liberty of acquainting them that the Trade is now carried on in all its Branches by his wife Elizabeth Marten and his nephew William Marten on whom he solicits the same to be continued which will be thank fully acknowledged and punctually executed. Thom,as Marten. Witness, Wm. Balcombe Langridge, Lewes 3rd Month lOth called March, 1787." MARTIN, Thomas (I26482)
228 B could be Barnett Jane B West Gatlin WEST, Jane B (I1958)
229 B.A. Oxford Rev with sister Helen Henrietta as his housekeeper C1881 The Rectory, Hope Mansell, Herefordshire (1877 - 1885) Rectory, Horse Heath, Cambs (1885 - 1909) Died 1911 at Cambridge, Rev, Rector of Horseheath, son of the late Rev Carey Hampton BORRER, Charles Alexander Rev (I20977)
230 BA degree from Queens in 1582/83 Curate of Rusper Will 16 jun 1633 exists (not seen) BROWN, Joseph Rev (I21922)
231 Banker BORRER, John Hamlyn (I21166)
232 Baptised by her grandfather Cary Hampton Borrer FRESHFIELD, Frances Mary (I21085)
233 Baptism date: 1 APR 1627 EVERENDEN, Mary (I24373)
234 Baptism date: 1 APR 1735 Baptism place: Slinfold Reference number: 143116826 CHARMAN, Sarah (I23134)
235 Baptism date: 1 MAR 1846 Baptism place: Hurstpierpoint, Sussex [Margett.FTW] Grave: Broadwater cemetery, Sec A16. Directions to grave: Through side LEACH, Harriet (I31531)
236 Baptism date: 10 AUG 1786 Baptism place: Little Horsted, Sussex MOON, Henry (I32715)
237 Baptism date: 10 MAY 1612 Baptism place: Laughton, Sussex SHOOSMITH, Mary (I35022)
238 Baptism date: 10 MAY 1612 Baptism place: Laughton, Sussex SHOOSMITH, Richard (I35024)
239 Baptism date: 10 MAY 1703 Baptism place: Hurst[Marchant0205.FTW] [deolete.FTW] HURSTPIERPOINT HOLY TRINITY Inscription: Low headstone with decorated top. THOMAS / son of THOMAS & / EL I Z M ARCHANT of LITTLE PARK was buried / on December ye 22nd / 1707 aged fou r / y ear s 7 months MARCHANT, Thomas (I32006)
240 Baptism date: 11 JAN 1844 MOON, Hannah (I16507)
241 Baptism date: 11 MAR 1804 Baptism place: Sutton Reference number: 136597358
Married at Sutton
CHARMAN, Sefton (I10897)
242 Baptism date: 11 NOV 1707 Baptism place: Warnham Reference number: 143118696 CHARMAN, Sarah (I23139)
243 Baptism date: 11 NOV 1780 [Marchant0205.FTW] [deolete.FTW] Captain in the Sussex Local Militia MOON, Thomas Trill (I33378)
244 Baptism date: 11 OCT 1776 PIX, Hannah (I19354)
245 Baptism date: 13 DEC 1871 Baptism place: St John The Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, Portsea Residence: Residence: Residence: Census date: 1881 Census place: Hastings St Mary Magdalen, Sussex, England BAKER, Kathleen Maria Theresa (I19367)
246 Baptism date: 13 JUL 1617 Baptism place: Laughton, Sussex SHOOSMITH, Judeth (I35016)
247 Baptism date: 13 JUL 1645 Baptism place: Laughton, Sussex SHOOSMITH, Ann (I35303)
248 Baptism date: 13 MAY 1666 Baptism place: Laughton, Sussex SHOOSMITH, William (I34664)
249 Baptism date: 13 MAY 1669 Baptism place: Kassel, Germany SCHROEDER, Anna Martha (I16895)
250 Baptism date: 13 NOV 1705 Baptism place: West Hoathly DUNGATE, Philadelphia (I26037)

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